Make your living room the main event.

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Live large

Transform your space in a weekend with these easy paint and home décor projects.Watch the video and find everything you need to complete your makeover below.

Add a little color to your calm.

Consider one of these hand selected Dutch Boy living room color combinations

Worn Greige 441-4DB
Dusty Durango 410-5DB
Tamale Husk 219-5DB
Beige Gold 317-2DB
Seawater Blue 235-7DB
Wire Work 416-7DB
Wishing on a Star 338-7DB
Beach House Beige 318-2DB
Ironside 422-7DB
Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Whispered White 019W
Pink Azalea 103-6DB
Timbered Green 232-6DB
Eccentric Ecru 320-2DB
Desert Varnish 312-6DB
Garden Stone 437-2DB
Plated Blue 434-6DB
Cowboy Hat 418-4DB

Live Large.

Walls: Whispered White 019W
Door: Pinked Azalea 103-6DB
Stripe: Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Trim: Ultra White 002W

Breathe life into your living room.


Follow the band

Rescue plain walls with an exaggerated single stripe of color in a bold statement hue or a subtle shade (as shown here).

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Make your entrance

Add color in just the right place with a standout interior door ― an outside-the-box alternative to an accent wall.

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Update your space with these custom details.

Rock the block

Design your own bookshelf with a modular system that can be reconfigured and added to over time.

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Keep your cool

Regulate the temperature in the room, and look good while you're at it, with a stylish lighted ceiling fan.

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