Powerhouse Protection, Outdoors

With powerful UV-blocking and weather-resistant technologies, Forever™ Exterior Paint & Primer helps reduce the fading and preserve the color, even in harsh climates.

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UV-Blocking Power

Advanced UV-blocking technology protects against damaging sun for lasting color and a strong, beautiful finish.

Weather-Resisting Power

With a tough, all-weather formula, Dutch Boy® Forever Exterior Paint & Primer protects against harsh weather conditions.

Powerful Stain Resistance

100% acrylic formula repels dirt and washes clean for a longer lasting, like-new look.

Low-Temp Application

Goes on smooth even in temperatures as low as 35° F, extending your painting season.

Powerful Adhesion

Fortified with urethane for excellent bonding, this Paint & Primer-in-One can be directly applied to wood, vinyl, aluminum, masonry, stucco and more — with little to no prep.

Excellent Mildew Resistance

Formulated with mildewcide, Forever Exterior Paint & Primer helps protect against moisture damage. Great for wet or humid climates.

How it works
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Ultraviolet rays and prolonged sun exposure often lead to fading and signs of wear in traditional paints. Forever Exterior Paint & Primer is specially formulated to block and repel harmful UV rays, preserving color longer.

Forever Exterior Paint & Primer is available in:

  • Quarts, Gallons and 5 Gallons
  • Sheens: Flat, Satin and Semi-Gloss